Yahoo Security Breach

A Class Action Settlement has been proposed in litigation against Yahoo!

Yahoo Security Breach

In the ever updating and changing world of technology Yahoo! the email giant is the next topic of dicussion.  Today at 1:42 am I received an email with the headline Yahoo Security Breach Proposed Settlement so of course I clicked on it becuase if you're anything like me (kinda noisey and curious) you wanna know the deets.  Why they're being sued who sued 'em? Etc.

Here's the skinny taken straight from Yahoo!:

If you had a Yahoo account anytime in 2012 through 2016, a pending class action settlement may affect you.

2012 Data Security Instrusions:  From at least january through April 2012, at least two different malicious actiors accessed Yahoo's internal systems.

2013 Data Breach:  In August 2013, malicious actors were able to gain access to Yahoo's user database and took records for all exisiting Yahoo accounts - approximately three billion accounts worldwide.

2014 Data Breach:  In November 2014, malacious actors were able to gain access to Yahooo's user database nd take records of approximately 500 Million user account worldwide.  The records taken included thename name, email address, teleophone numbers, birthdates, passrords, and secrutiy questions and answers.

2015 and 2016  Data Breach:  From 2015 to September 2016, malacious actors were able to use cookies instead of a passworld to gain access into approximately 32 million Yahoo email accounts.


It looks like Yahoo has their hands full.  I've been using Yahoo email for as along as I can remember.  Fortunately for me I  don't use it much and have very little any hacker would be interested in.  But I still can't help but think what this means moving forward.  

Security is always in the back of my mind when I sign up for a service and purchase something online.  How will my info be use? What will they do with it?  My best advice is to be aware of the websites you're using to make purchases and use a prepaid card with a set dollar amount on it to make purchases, that way if someone gets your card they can't drain your bank account.  

To read more info about the Yahoo! issue check out the link