The best weed I've ever smoked!

My review of cannabis from around the country.

The best weed I've ever smoked!

I started my journey with cannabis in my early twenties, mainly messing around with friends whenever they would come around.  I didn't particulary like the weed they were smoking becuase it always tasted like chemicals.  I was visitng a relative of mines who grew weed and tryed some of his and I have to say it was considerably better.

Here's the tips he gave me: 

As soon as you harvest, the good stuff starts to decrease. Drying your marijuana helps reduce the loss of potency, and improves the quality of the smoke. When done the right way, the cannabinoid levels peak, resulting in truly quality weed.

Dry upside down?

There are many ways to dry your plants. The method you choose depends on the amount of time you have, your budget, the security of your drying setup and preference.

drying weed

Hang your plants in a dark, drafty room. This is a great option for those that can but be warned, it is also the smelliest choice.
Hang them in a closet with fans and a carbon filter. This is one of the most expensive options. The fans help with ventilation, and the carbon filters will help with the smell.

The main thing to remember with drying is to do it slowly. It should take 10-14 days, but you can save time by using a heater or oven but be careful not to burn your weed – not yet, at least. Also, keep an eye out for mold. Toss any buds that develop it, mold can spread and ruin your entire crop.

Learn more about drying your harvest.

Curing weed

Your weed needs to be fully dried before you smoke. However, for optimal flavor and long-term storage, you may consider curing as well. Curing is a slow-process drying that helps remove chlorophyll from the buds. It removes that minty, fresh cut grass taste. It also makes preservatives completely irrelevant.

Curing begins after the weed is mostly dried. You can choose to dry first and then cure or use a method that dries and cures at the same time.

Just like drying, there are many ways to cure your plants. Choose the best one for your situation.

Dry/cure it in a bag. Place mostly dry plant cuttings into an onion sack or paper bag. Shake occasionally.
Cure already-dried marijuana. Many professional growers continue to cure dried marijuana in airtight containers, such as glass jars. Open then up every few weeks to breathe.
Curing takes a lot longer than drying. However, it is worth the effort to make your weed get that nice round flavor we all enjoy.

Once you’ve decided how you will dry your cuttings, don’t throw away your leftovers! I’ll share my tips on how to recycle those soon!