Craigslist is no longer free for gigs offered

Craigslist says goodbye to free gig and service post. But like all good things that come to an end there are alternatives on the web that are just as good if not better than Craigslist.

Craigslist is no longer free for gigs offered

So I woke up this morning to go through my daily routine of shower, shave, get dressed and get online.  I do a lot of online marketing and some web site building on the side so running free classifieds always comes in handy when trying to save a buck and the keep the bucks coming in at the same time.  Craigslist has been of those go to places where I would often post gigs and services ads.  The visibility was always good for the most part and the process was simple and straight to the point. Aside from the occasional flagging that takes place Craigslist, the site served it's purpose.  You post your ad, people see it and now more people know about your business than before you made the post.  The quality is not always as good as the quantity but you have to take the good with the "not so" good.  I would often hear people complain about this and think to myself, "It's free for crying out loud what do people expect?"

After checking my email I get on Craigslist to put up a post and see this message in green text that states "please note - $5 fee per ad starting March 15."  My immediate reaction was WTF!  Why are they charging now? Is it only in California?  After a minute of frustration passes I posted a free gig and begin to search the web about Craigslist no longer being free and low and behold I find out I'm tardy to the party.  It appears that CL has been phasing out their free posting and cracking down on prostitution post for quite some time.  Other states have already been implemented and now it has moved over to California.  I'm no Craigslist expert or anything and I have never paid a dime to post an ad on Craiglist but one can only assume that since it has been around for so long and there are so many spammers and bots on the site at some point something would have to give.  You can't just keep running to the Well and not expect it to run dry or have people abuse it.  As most things in life that are given to us free, instead of treating it with respect and preserving it's existence we take advantage of it and get upset at it when it no longer wants to get abused.

I think human trafficking and child prostitution is despicable as well as spammers and auto posting bots.  It's obviously not the same nature of crime but unfortunately it effects us all.  If charging people to place ads will put a stop or at least decreases the odds of someone getting hurt and people spamming you to all day and flagging your post then so be it.  I interested to see what kind of effect this has on Craiglist bottom line.  No one is to big to fail.  Look at what happened to Backpage.  I know Craiglist is doing this by choice and Backpage was forced to shut down it's adult section by the government.  But they both shared a space in the free classifieds world.  Now you have to use bit coin to pay for a post on Backpage or good luck with ever seeing an ad on there.  I even paid for a post on Backpage after having to send my ID and other info and it still never showed up so I won't be going there again.

One great thing about the internet is that it doesn't defy the laws of psychics.  Like the recent and sad passing of Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking there is not a intellectual vacuum was created.  Now it's time for someone else to take his place.  And free classified ad are no different.  With Craigslist starting to charge for gigs and service offered I'm sure there will be a exodus to the nearest free classifieds destination.  Luckily there are other sites online that I use and you could probably find useful.  They don't have the issues of Craiglist and have been driving some pretty good traffic to my businesses. - is simple and don't take you through the hoopla of phone verification and having your ad flagged.  The ads post instantly and it's free.  There is no option for featured listing (at least that i know of).  If you use and know of how to post featured ads there leave me a comment, I'd like to know. Thanks - is easy to use and let's you make job connections and manage your resume and it's Free!  You can create an account as an employee or as a company so you can hire people or look for a job too.  Not all the jobs pay by the minute but the option is there for different payment options.  Getpaidbytheminute even give you $100 worth of connection credits when you sign up. Definitely worth trying out. - I already know what you're going to say, "Pintrest is not a free classififieds."  Oh, but on the contrary my friend, it is.  Ask yourself this question? What is the point of advertising?  The answer: To bring awareness to your business.  Creating a free Pintrest account and posting your business will reach users on Pintrest and rank on the search engines. - Falls under the same category as Pintrest the only difference is the interativity of Instagram that allows you to connect with others and find people with common intrest by simply hashtagging a topic like #computerhelp - Is another free simple site that lets you post ads and have multiple accounts. - Is great for search engine optimization and bringing free traffic to your business.  I would recommend getting a free Reddit  account and checkout the community of millions on the platform. 


A word of caution about all of the above platforms.  Just like Craigslist, you shouldn't go on any of these sites and do anything illegal or spam people.  They're all free and have security in place to combat bad apples.  I'm not sure if I'll ever post any more ads on Craigslist again but only time will tell.  Leave me a comment, thanks for reading.