R. Kelly and Gayle Kings Interview

R. Kelly sits down with Gayle King to talk about his sex charges and not being able to pay his child support.

Instagram Founders Quit Facebook

The founders of Instagram leave Facebook

Backpage is officially shut down

Backpage out of business, FBI, free classifieds, backpage classified ads, backpage is closed

Craigslist is no longer free for gigs offered

Craigslist says goodbye to free gig and service post. But like all good things that come to an end there are alternatives on the web...


Fossil fuels helped develop America during the great industrialization, and it helped make the US the greatest country in the 21st...

How to pass a weed test?

Detoxing and ridding your system of cannabis can be beneficial for a host of reasons. However, one that might not readily come to...

10 ways of improving your sex life according to science

Improving your sex life can be the watershed for your relationship. Here are few things you might need to change or improve on...

The Stratolaunch plane taxi test

After testing for six months, the Stratolaunch plane finally took the runway for a taxi.

Myths around MINDBLOWING Sex

There is a lot of fiction that goes in hand with facts when listening to people talk about great sex and growing green with envy....

Edible Cannabis

Besides the smoke, smell, coughing, and the nosy neighbors – if you have those and we all do – nothing beats the thrill of getting...

Medical benefits of using marijuana

Cannabis is quite famous for its recreational use. Less is known about its several medical benefits which have before now been largely...

Atlanta strip clubs are always lit

If you like strip clubs then Atlanta is the place to be.

Why I’m not getting the new iPhone this Christmas

I’m not buying an iPhone for Xmas here’s why.

The best weed I've ever smoked!

My review of cannabis from around the country.