Myths around MINDBLOWING Sex

Myths around MINDBLOWING Sex


There is a lot of fiction that goes in hand with facts when listening to people talk about great sex and growing green with envy. Having a friend who is always having wild sexual escapades and won’t stop talking about it doesn’t help, and neither does seeing a fake porn casting scene or an actress faking an orgasm.  

The key to having an enthralling sexual experience is what Bill Gates had probably tell you about becoming a billionaire, both usually get the same reaction – disbelief. It’s about doing the basic things well and leaving the rest to chance. 

Let’s stick to the business of a thrilling sexual experience and not the intricacies of demand and supply. 

Forget all you have ever seen or heard from friends, eavesdropping on neighbors or listening in while standing in a queue and watching erotic scenes play out. Most of these are warped in lies and no two experiences can ever be the same. Here are some of the simple tips you can apply regardless of your sexual preferences; 

Spontaneous sex is not necessarily great sex…

The assumption that having unplanned sex in a car or public place is great sex is not necessarily valid. The thrill of such sexual encounters rests in not getting caught and getting away with it. But nothing rivals the sexual tension you have on a first date night where you think there is a chance you’d be invited in for a nightcap. 

A woman needs to anticipate what her partner has planned for her. Working her into the moods days before the D-day can only be positive. Telling her what you plan to do helps build up the tension. Sharing erotic pictures or illustrations from sex comics can help. Planning is always good. 

Frequent sex 

Not a few people believe having too much sex could be detrimental – men and women tend to get tired and disinterested. Men love to have sex as often as they can. This is only different on rare situations. 

Women have to be dissatisfied or not aroused not to want sex. Arousal is a precursor to great sex and a lack of desire puts paid to that. Frequent sex has its benefits and produces a synergy and connection between lovers. Talking things over and paying more attention to your lover’s desires is always helpful. 

You don’t have to be in sync all the time before making up for sex. These sexual encounters help maintain your relationship and improve it. 

Laidback sex is great sex

Gorilla – the song – sounds like the perfect song that describes a great sex scene – drugs and a wanton abandon -  but not everyone has to do that. You don’t have to try earth defying stunts to please your partner or make you feel better. Spooning or trying a single uncomplicated position can be just as satisfying. An emotional connection can bring more joy to you during sex than you could imagine. 

Communication helps with great sex

Telepathy is not my forte, and I don’t think everyone can accurately read your mind. Simply put, don’t assume your partner will know what you want to be done to you or your preference per time. Talking while having sex helps or even right after against next time. Your body language also matters especially if your partner is sensitive. Communication is as key as all the other points raised.