How to pass a weed test?

How to pass a weed test?

Detoxing and ridding your system of cannabis can be beneficial for a host of reasons. However, one that might not readily come to mind will be to pass a drug test for a job interview; failing one is as good as kissing that job goodbye.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), takes all of a week in the body, that’s great if you can stay away from the good stuff just in time for the test. If you can’t, then its best you are shown a trick or two on what to do. 

What is your priority?

Your urine will be tested for metabolites, and you have to ensure yours isn’t higher than 50mg/mL. The concentration of these THC metabolites reduce by half every week but this concentration is more dependent on how much and how frequently you toke and your body weight. 

What the Lab Technician is looking to find…

Most lab technicians have been trained to spot foul play and this commonly comes in the form of diluted samples due to an increase in consumption of water to dilute the THC metabolites. Too much of water like almost everything is detrimental to the body and in this case, the kidney. A pale color is an easy tell. 

 How to pass the test?

Right then, the simplest method is taking a lot of water, but as stated earlier, lab technicians will certainly see through the ruse. To counter the color problem, taking Vitamin B and creatine will help restore the yellow hue. Creatine occurs naturally in the human body and will be flushed out within a few hours, 6 to be exact, after usage. You can buy creatine supplements at food stores. Vitamin B-2 or B-12 give the best results and should also be used a few hours before taking the drug test. 

Another ploy is ensuring the first and last parts of your urine stream doesn’t end up in the bottle while taking a sample for the test. The first and the last portions of your urine stream contains more metabolites than the middle stream

Exercising causes the release of metabolites into the bloodstream. This tip only applies to those who like to keep fit and workout. Avoid exercising at least a day before taking the test. 

Taking detox drinks before a test is another alternative; it contains Vitamin B and creatine to help mask the fact your urine is dilute. 

If you find all these a little too complicated, an alternative will be to fool the technicians with a synthetic urine sample. You can order a sample online if you so please.

Finally, if you toke regularly or have a high body mass index ratio, dilution will most likely not be adequate due to the concentration of the metabolites in the body. Deciding on the best course of action is a choice you’d have to make based on the information provided.