Edible Cannabis

Edible Cannabis
Edible Cannabis

Besides the smoke, smell, coughing, and the nosy neighbors – if you have those and we all do – nothing beats the thrill of getting high on a joint. Recreational toking is awesome, and many would have it no other way. What if there is a better way to get high off cannabis in a more economical and discreet manner? Ingesting cannabis is better than smoking it and there is a scientific explanation to back it up. However, the downside is that it takes longer to feel the effect as against smoking. Still, the effects last longer and that’s the whole point of getting high.

The Science…

Toking converts THC into its psychoactive form – delta-9 THC which is responsible for the ‘elated’ feel. When you ingest it, either by drinking or eating in a meal, the THC is broken down into delta-11 and delta-9 THC, which are isomer, giving dual effects of both forms of the compound.

The difference

• The effects of smoked marijuana sets in within a few seconds or a minute and lasts for all of two hours or three before you get ‘unhinged’ from the euphoric feeling. With ingestion, it takes a period of thirty minutes to an hour before the effects set in. The effects last a couple of hours, usually 5-6 hours on an average before the effects begin to wear off. An added advantage is you won’t feel as jaded as with smoking.

• Since the chemical compounds are broken down by the digestive system and consequently spreads across the body, the effects are evenly spread across the body.

• There is a possibility of overdosing while consuming cannabis and the effects might be over the top. It is advisable to take minute quantities per time to determine an appropriate amount.

How best to ‘consume’ cannabis

Deciding how best to work with this might be knotty for first-timers. Drinking or having it with a meal is always great. Chewing is not at the top of my list unless you aren’t averse to the idea.

• Cannabis can be taken with a hot beverage to help extract the cannabinoids into the beverage. Boiling it and then adding the cooled and sieved liquid into a bottle of soda or some other drink, alcoholic maybe will be just as effective. Consuming the brewed cannabis with alcohol gives a greater high than non-alcoholic beverages.

• If you decide to cook the cannabis with a meal, soups are a great fit. There are a lot of meals that can be experimented with: cooking is not my strong suit. Cooking with a meal you like is a great idea especially for medical purposes.

With a growing number of users and an increased willingness to experiment for recreational and medical purposes, consuming cannabis can be enjoyed without the reservations most people have. ‘Eating’ cannabis might just be what you need to remain discreet and keep the prying eyes at bay while exploring the benefits of the green wonder.


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