10 ways of improving your sex life according to science

10 ways of improving your sex life according to science

Few things give a compare to satisfying sex and therein lies the problem of most unfulfilling relationships. Improving your sex life can be the watershed for your relationship. Here are few things you might need to change or improve on;

1.  A little longer

There is a reason why aphrodisiacs sell; you don’t want that feeling to stop. Most men can’t last long in bed. You’ll have to try because according to sex therapists, nine minutes is the average desired length for coitus. Try sex positions that delay ejaculation. 

2.  Compliment her

Oral sex is good, but what’s better is making her know you enjoy going down on her and love her body. Compliments make a woman feel confident about her person and heighten her sexual desire. Also, she will be open to suggestions, and more is more likely to cum during sex. 

3.  Listen 

A woman is more likely to leave her partner for a more sensitive and caring guy. Listening to her desires and preferences can be all your relationship needs to avoid significant difficulties. Paying more attention might be all you need to improve your sex life and keeping your relationship.

4.  Watch your diet

Some fruits are rich in Arginine which is present in Viagra. Maintaining a diet rich in Arginine while also cutting down on junks will dramatically improve your sexual performance.  

5.  Remember to clean up

Unlike other animals, pheromones don’t make us sexually appealing. An unpleasant smell is sure to put the most enthusiastic partner off, ensure such situations are avoided. 

6.  Sex isn’t all you need

You might be fooled to believe sex is all you need to make a relationship work. Try and explore other aspects of your relationship. Worrying less about satisfying your partner can lead to an improvement across the board. 

7.  Oil never gets old

Oil has a nice feel when rubbed in on the body; it releases oxytocin hormone, which increases a woman’s testosterone level and hence her sex drive. Using perfumed oils adds to the sexual experience. 

8.  G-spot stimulation 

Stimulating the G-spot with the finger or using a sex toy is an excellent way of making your lover achieve orgasm. However, hitting the G-spot with your penis and getting her to have an orgasm is better. Sex positions like the flat-down doggy style or reverse cowgirl which allows the penis to rub over the G-spot. 

9.  Watch porn 

Seeing a porn video is not all about masturbating. You can watch a few videos together and talk about what you like and don’t like about the sex scenes. This makes it easier to discuss your preferences and fetishes – if you have any. 

10.  Setting the mood – lights and music 

Sensual music and dim lighting aren’t meant for anniversaries alone especially when you’d like your partner to relax. The part of the brain connected with stress deactivates when the lights are turned down. The music also helps raise her levels of anticipation.