Instagram Founders Quit Facebook

The founders of Instagram leave Facebook

We'll if you haven't heard by now (which I'm sure you have) but the founders of Instagram Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have resigned from Instagram.  The photo sharing platform they created has now been taken over by Mark Zukerberg and Facebook.  I can't say I didn't see this coming.  Since the first day I heard about the Instagram acquisition made by Facebook I knew that those founders days were numbered.  I can't help but think about Steve Jobs and how he got fired from Apple after he gave his control away to venture capitalist and Arthur Rock.  I'm like everyone else on the outside looking in can only hope that Kevin and Mike have other plans and will walk away like Dr. Dre from Death Row and create there Aftermath Records (excuse the rap analogy).  I basically mean that I hope they go on to create another hit like Instagram.  If I could only ask them one question it would be.....was it worth the billion?

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